Our purpose

Our purpose is to solve your problems, whether they are communications issues or advice on how to better engage with your stakeholders.


We create value by delivering tangible results for you. We put measurable impact at the core of what we do.

We give you the confidence and peace of mind to take the next steps for your business.

Our services


How SCA works with you to build effective partnerships with stakeholders that create mutual value.

We work with you to build effective partnerships with stakeholders that create mutual value

Define your organisational purpose

  • Identify organisational positioning - “the white space”
  • Create compelling, shareable messaging
  • Create plans to cascade new messaging through your organisation

Understand the priorities of different stakeholders

  • Map stakeholders (employees, customers, investors, partners, regulators and politicians, NGOs, other influencers)
  • Design and implement stakeholder audits
  • Align your priorities with those of your stakeholders

Create and share comprehensive engagement plans that strengthen your organisation

  • Develop stakeholder engagement plans
  • Create and implement communications plans
  • Create and implement thought leadership themes and platforms
  • Ensure programmes are clearly linked to organisational goals to create measurable impact

Create and run engaging and valuable campaigns that build your organisation’s reputation

  • Create and implement awareness raising campaigns
  • Engage media influencers and improve your social media presence
  • Provide support for crisis management

Review your resources

  • Assess your communication and engagement teams against core goals
  • Evaluate any third-party support (e.g. agencies)
  • Advise on required resources and KPIs to deliver engagement activities and support goals
  • Identify, assess and train spokespeople
  • Coach and mentor individuals as required

Plan and track activities

  • Review and advise on your communications channel mix (e.g. social media, events, newsletters, advertising, media relationships)
  • Advise on intelligence tools to monitor competitors and foresee risk
  • Provide support for crisis management

About us


SCA is the product of a career spent helping organisations to succeed by improving their relationships with stakeholders. My experience has been shaped by time working in and running agencies and teams of all sizes across many countries and sectors.

I left the corporate world to focus on widening my experience, and adding not- for-profit and non-executive roles. Starting my own business gave me a platform to put theory into practice – to prioritise work where I can dedicate time to working with like-minded clients using an agile approach that cuts the clutter and focuses on better outcomes.

Technology has been at the heart of my career - from the early days of games consoles via helping to launch the world’s billionth mobile phone to working with global internet users to engage in the policy that affects their future.

I have consulted multiple tech start-ups on communications and market strategy, chaired a mid-sized PR firm, coached many senior women new into leadership roles and I am proud to be the Chairman of Commetric, the award-winning media analytics firm. I have served as a Board Director of the UK PR trade association the PRCA for a number of years including a period as Chair.


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Park Street CEO Gavin Devine and Sally are long-time colleagues, having led the management team together at a leading agency for a number of years. SCA’s relationship with Park Street Partners allows our clients access to a wide range of professionals at the top of their fields, focusing on corporate communications and public affairs.



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